Traditional Houses

Limas Traditional Houses

Limas Traditional Houses is a house-shaped protect utilised by a family to foster family life, both in everyday life as well as on certain days, encompassing the observance has not anything to manage with the family. Limas made-to-order dwelling will habitually be opposite East or South, seldom opposite the North main heading when not needed. West main heading should be stopped, because of poor wellbeing and numerous accept Western winds throughout the rainy time of the year in supplement to opposite the sunset. The dwellings face east, except get the forenoon sun, so wholesome, will furthermore obtain jembisan ocean breeze in summer. In agreement with the place of people in the community, made-to-order dwelling split up limas are furthermore in the ranks, beginning from the deepest grades of the (15 x 28 fathoms or 22.5 x 42 m2 for the town head to the prince) came to the little to the widespread persons (7 x 20 fathoms or 10.5 x 30 m2).


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