House Interior Design Minimalist

Until now the needs of interior design minimalist home is still favored people. Minimalist interiors that are designed to answer to the needs of the people who want a simple interior, but its function can be maximized. Minimalist interior design is also a solution to the limited volume of space, so that the arrangement and function space can be maximized.

Minimalist Interior Design developed along with the rise of minimalist-style home in recent years, by adjusting the concept of home and interior makes the house has a unified impression.
Houses with modern minimalist style requires a different touch, especially in terms of planning and interior arrangement. It is important that the impression of a field can still be felt even though the space is limited. There are several things to consider in designing minimalist interior, namely: The concept of a minimalist interior design is a perfect fit, and not excessive. Therefore, choose the form of a clean room accessories, firm, without a profile, and minimal geometric shapes.

Avoid using a permanent room divider. The use of bulkhead to separate the room will only lead to a narrow sense. If it is forced to use the screen, choose the temporary or accessories only. Its function is simply to separate between the room and not limiting. If you prefer rugs, choose a solid color but without a motive. Pattern like this will make the room seem airy. For those who want to beautify the room by adding accessories such as painting, choose the composition and frame it simple with no carving or profile. Do not put too much painting because it will make the room feel cramped.

Choice of furniture is also noteworthy. Should select furniture that is simple without a profile and carving with dark colors, like dark chocolate. In the living room using a game brown or wood fibers. Furniture is also a simple model with no profile or carving.  For the bedroom, bright colors for the walls. If you want to use an accent, wear an accent that there is usually behind the headboard of the bed. Whereas if you use wallpaper, choose the model of wicker or bamboo leaves. Choose a model simple bed and adjust the size of the existing space. Do not install the bed is too big because it will make a limited space. Home style interior is modern minimalist needs to be done carefully. Because the limitations of the existing living space will bring a narrow sense.


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