Interior Design Bedroom

Before designing the interior of the bedroom, we have to understand what the function is actually a bedroom. The bedroom is a place or room that serves to spend our time to rest and rejuvenate tired bodies. Therefore bedrooms need to be designed more carefully than other rooms in the house. Minimalist bedroom interior design requires precision in order to create a separate bedroom comfortable and quiet and not make us feel claustrophobic when inside.

There are several things to consider in arranging bedroom minimalist interiors, ie:

1. Preferably in the bedroom minimalist there are no barriers that will make the room feel cramped. For example, adding insulation to the locker room is not recommended within the minimalist bedrooms.

2. Minimalist bedroom interior right is not excessive, fit and flexibility. To that end, the selection of accessories or furniture should be a clean color, like white, beige, shaped lace or firm without much variation.

3. Placement of paintings in the bedroom should be chosen which has the composition of paintings, frames and colors are simple without having too much carving. The selected paintings should also like landscapes, ocean blue, which gives the impression area.

4. The use of carpet in the minimalist room is not prohibited, but choose a solid colored rug that no motive to give the impression of space.

5. Dark brown furniture gives the impression that furniture does not fill the room. Choose a bed that newfangled simple and adjust its size with the room your room. Do not use the bed which takes nearly half the room your bedroom.

6. Minimalist bedroom interior wall colors usually have a calm and soothing. The use of wallpaper must be considered carefully and must be adapted to the color of walls and room furnishings.

7. On the floor can be varied by the use of wood. Wood floor as the bedrooms minimalist interior is favored because of fits and starts to become more comfortable bedrooms, warm and not make your feet cold so getting out of bed.

8. Curtains for the bedroom window must be adjusted to the color of the sheets you use in bed to create harmony in the bedroom minimalist and not too crowded impression. Curtains with a dark color is usually used to block the entry of sunlight. Add a thin layer of colored light on a dark color curtains you to neutralize that dark colors tend to give a narrow sense.

9. Put a mirror on the wall or closet door to create the impression of vast and airy. The reflection in the mirror room shadow room makes you feel at the spacious rooms.

10. To better not add a bathroom or toilet in the bedroom minimalist. Allow separate bathroom from the bedroom. If imposed, the room is available in the less minimalist bedrooms.

11. Lighting in the bedroom must be determined so that an impression of space continues. Usually minimalist bedroom using white luminous light. But if you want to add decorative lighting that also serves as a light sleep, choose lights that are not too large. Decorative lights can use a yellow or other soft colors to provide a luxurious and futuristic in your bedroom.


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